ISHS Award

We are excited to announce that, in April 2024, the Freedom & Remembrance Memorial project in its entirety, our volunteer team, and the supporting video telling the story of Moffatt Cemetery have been honored by the Illinois State Historical Society for their contribution to the history of Illinois. You can see images of the event – including the program and awards – on our updates page.

Below please see the two documents that were submitted in support of this honor, as well as the letters we recently received.

The PDF documents can be downloaded using the button below each file. A tip when clicking on links in the PDF documents on this page:

For Windows users, press “control” (or “ctrl”), then click on the link to bring the link up in a new tab or window.

For Mac users, press “command”, then click on the link.

This avoids the problem of the page resetting to the beginning of the document when you browse back to it.